Both C++. Unlike the libcl* series which are my 'personal toolset' that I assume nobody will want to re-use, the zita series of libraries will be fully documented.

The resampler already comes with HTML documentation, for the convolver this is 'under construction'. This release of zita-convolver is provided mainly as a dependency of


Command line JACK app for real-time fft-based partitioned convolution with non-uniform partition size. Provides low or zero delay processing at moderate CPU loads. Any convolution matrix up to 64 * 64 as long as your CPU(s) can take it. From the README:

New in this release

- The convolution engine has been separated into

 a shared library, libzita-convolver. For more
 information on the internals of the convolution
 engine, see the documentation provided with this

- A non-real-time, file processing version of jconv,

 called fconv, has been added. It accepts the same
 configuration files. The input can be any file 
 readable by libsndfile. The output will be a 24-
 bit WAV or WAVEX (for more than 2 channels).

- Large configurations requiring too much memory

 will fail with an error message rather than just
 crash with a segfault.

- Now uses jack_client_open(), so multiple instances

 can be run even without using the -N <jack_name>

- Optional use of FFTW_MEASURE.

- Added the mkwavex utility, converts multichannel

 responses stored in separate files to a single
 WAVEX file.

- New config files for some AMB reverbs.

The nicest one of these is York Minster, which really sounds great.

Enjoy !

-- FA

Laboratorio di Acustica ed Elettroacustica Parma, Italia

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