The content of the course will be adjusted according to the participants needs wherever possible.

Typical sound-related tasks which will be focused on are:

   + installation of Linux, distributions, Live-media general intro
     to Linux, standard-apps (web, email, file-handling,
   + discussion about typical Linux-relevant hardware: PC, Mac,
     things, gadgets, boxes...
   + intro to standard soundware on Linux, recording, playback,
     editing, mixing -- Ardour, Jack, PD, Snd, SuperCollider,
   + compositionsystems, notation, sequencers, MIDI-tools, DSP-tools
   + use of NOTAMs Linux-equipped labs and studios
   + interactive control, sensors, installation-setups
   + studiowork: recording, mixing, mastering
   + realtime soundwork for concerts and installations

Everything relevant to participants own projects (if any). The whole workshop will end in a small concert at NOTAM on the last day of the course.

Participants may bring their own computers to get a good Linux-based music & audio-workstation up and running, and will be guided through installation and configuration.

More info (Norwegian only):

Questions to Notams PEO: Asbjørn Flø <> or to this group.


Anders Vinjar