This is a feature release; a brief list of new features is as follows:

  • Diatonic transpose
  • Fretboards
  • Marker ruler usability improvements
  • Multiple lines of lyrics
  • Highlight overlapping notes in notation editor
  • Better LilyPond output dialog, preview through Lilypond, print through LilyPond from segment and notation views
  • In-place LilyPond header value editing in LilyPond option dialog
  • Transposition of the staff shown in LilyPond output
  • Show current segment colour in raw note ruler, permit cycling through segments on single staff in notation
  • Menus and configuration dialog reorganised for easier access and greater clarity
  • Infrared remote control: Support for IRKick
  • Add track(s) in middle
  • Use RTC timer when recent kernel and ALSA versions are detected
  • Expanded documentation
  • Reorganised configuration dialog into standard/advanced options
  • Some revised example files
  • Nice new splash screen

A more detailed feature and bug-fix checklist for this release can be read at .

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Rosegarden is Free Software under the GNU General Public License.