Veejay can be used to manipulate video in a realtime environment i.e. 'VeeJay' for visual performances or for (automated) interactive video installations.

Main features:

       - Client/Server architecture
       - Soft Realtime
       - GUI 'GVeejayReloaded'
       - native YUV processing
       - Frame accurate
       - Loop based editing
       - Non destructive editing
       - Trickplay
       - Multiple input mixer
       - 120 amazing effects
       - Audio playback through Jack
       - Quicktime, AVI
       - Video output to SDL, OpenGL, network
       - MJPEG,DV, raw video
       - Open Sound Control
       - Live clip/device loading
       - Crash Recovery
       - Free Software (GNU GPL)

0.9.10 ======

This is veejay-classic.

The GVeejayReloaded interface can now save and load full sampledecks and the Parameter Animation panel has had a cleanup.

The Veejay server now receives and stores information from GVeejayReloaded This allows full save/restore of UI specific features like The Parameter Animation and Sample Sequencer panels.

Many Thanks to the users who have sent in bugreports and feedback.

The next official release will be 1.0 (February 2007)

You are welcome to sent feedback , bugreports, questions etc. to

ChangeLog: ==========

       - Bugfixes in Veejay and GVeejayReloaded
       - Store/Load Deck
       - Cleanup

Expected in 1.0: ================

       Bugfixes (?)

Download: =========

(Source only)

Website: ========