Aqualung is an advanced music player originally targeted at the GNU/Linux operating system, today also running on FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Microsoft Windows. It plays audio CDs, internet radio streams and podcasts as well as soundfiles in just about any audio format and has the feature of inserting no gaps between adjacent tracks.

The ChangeLog lists major new features and is included below.

Packagers, please note that from this release, TagLib is no longer a dependency of Aqualung.


Enjoy, Tom

2007-12-19 Tom Szilagyi <tszilagyi at users dot sourceforge dot net>

  • Aqualung 0.9beta9

This is a major release bringing significant new functionality and many important fixes. All users are encouraged to upgrade.

As always, the up-to-date User Manual is available at:

Major additions:

  • Fundamentally new Metadata system, using native decoders and private

code instead of TagLib to provide complete support for reading and writing metadata, including ID3v1, ID3v2.3, ID3v2.4, APE, Ogg Xiph comments and FLAC picture frames, as well as read-only support for ReplayGain in Musepack stream data and various metadata received in internet radio streams. Aqualung also provides a batch tagger facility to quickly propagate Music Store metadata to file metadata.

  • Support for podcasts. Aqualung can subscribe to RSS and Atom audio

podcasts, and automatically download and add new files to the Music Store. Optional limits for the age, size and number of downloaded files can be set.

  • Support for exporting files from Music Store or Playlist with audio

transcoding and intelligent metadata transfer. Useful for burning your favourite tracks to CD, filling your portable player, etc.

  • Aqualung now compiles and runs on OpenBSD.
  • Smoother skin changing.
  • Option to disable skin support (for themed environments).
  • Lots of fixes, cleanups & refactoring.


  • TagLib is not used anymore.