Qsynth 0.3.2 (unstable-qt4) is out!

The official download site is, as always have been:


Straight from the change-log:

- A new option to start the program minimized when the system tray

 icon is enabled, is now available from Setup/Misc/Start minimized
 to system tray.

- Regression from QSystemTrayIcon (Qt4 >= 4.2) implementation, at

 least on X11 environments: while the main application widget was
 minimized to the system-tray, closing any other top-level widget
 was causing the immediate and unexpected application shutdown.

- Minor corrections on the output peak meter scale aesthetics.

- Tool/child windows position and size preservation fixed.

- Orphaned MIDI device name no longer mistaken when switching

 between MIDI drivers on engine setup.

- A bit more of precision is achieved over the output peak meters.

- Messages line limit was not being checked, now honored.

- Simple as it could ever be, the build executive summary report

 is now given on configure.

- Get configure to try and detect the correct qmake location and

 insert it the search order, so let the qt4 tools take precedence
 when --with-qt option is given and older qt3 ones coexist and
 are found located ahead in the PATH.

- The infamous "Keep child windows always on top" global option is

 now supposed to behave a little better when disabled, layering
 child windows as naturally as far the window manager dictates.

- Inspired on Andreas Persson patch, while on qjackctl-devel, which

 made it possible to compile and run with older Qt 4.1, similar
 arrangements were carried out on qsynth too, without hesitation.

- Main panel spin-boxes gets accelerated when stressed (Qt >= 4.2).

Cheers && Enjoy, -- rncbc aka Rui Nuno Capela