On the "to do and will be done soon" list (in chronological order): - Saving of loop sampler (as soon as I get to know how to use it ;)) and other internal plugins (crusher and reverb) - Saving of external plugins ; this will take a bit more time : we need to rethink the plugin API. We need to rethink it also for adding automation (some day between next month and February). - Update of wxWidgets dependency : yes, we're still in 2.6...

I'll try to make an ebuild (Gentoo) of the subversion version (https://wired.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/wired/trunk/wired) as soon as possible.


Les *.deb pour Ubuntu sont là : http://jagublog.wordpress.com/my-wired-reposity-for-ubuntu-710/

Written by Tinou Tuesday, 04 December 2007