QjackCtl 0.3.2 (unstable-qt4) has been released!

It's all in the change-log:

- Patchbay port matching has been slightly extended, this time

 allowing for the multiple or as many-to-many connections between
 socket plugs, provided these are specified in proper regex form
 (after a patch proposed by Dave Moore, thanks).

- A new option to start the program minimized when the system tray

 icon is enabled, is now available from Setup/Misc/Start minimized
 to system tray (as kindly suggested by Marc-Olivier Barre).

- Regression from QSystemTrayIcon (Qt4 >= 4.2) implementation, at

 least on X11 environments: while the main application widget was
 minimized to the system-tray, closing any other top-level widget
 was causing the immediate and unexpected application shutdown.

- Some portaudio backend settings are now being enabled, specially

 suited for the jackdmp flavouring.

- Server mode display blinking, usually shown as the RT indicator,

 is now an option (Setup/Display/Blink server mode indicator when

- Tool/child windows position and size preservation fixed.

- The connections/patchbay auto-refresh option has been finally

 removed due to several user requests, although deprecated for
 quite some time now it has been the probable cause of some
 periodic xrun occurrences due to graph-locking in jackd (while
 making Geoff Beasley angry in the process:).

- Messages line limit was not being checked, now honored.

- Simple as it could ever be, the build executive summary report

 is now given on configure.

- Patchbay snapshot got its socket and port ordering back.

- ALSA Sequencer support is now an optional feature on setup,

 preventing the annoying "MIDI patchbay will be not available"
 warning message, ruining window placement on Linux systems
 where the snd-midi-seq kernel module is not loaded or not
 favorable (eg. OSS) at startup (by request from Jussi Laako).

- Get configure to try and detect the correct qmake location and

 insert it the search order, so let the qt4 tools take precedence
 when --with-qt option is given and older qt3 ones coexist and
 are found located ahead in the PATH.

- The connections widget is now being properly refreshed, due to

 some quirk in the QTreeWidget which was preventing some items,
 specially the expanded ones, to disappear in the void. Meanwhile,
 with a hand from Stephane Letz, the client/port lookup method was
 changed to prevent duplicated, missing entries or worse, crashes
 due to weird behaved windows applications.

- The xrun count stats can now be reset simply by middle clicking

 on the systray icon or the main window's display area (thanks to
 patch sent by Dominic Sacre).

- An improved version of the "shiny" background image was issued.

 The original somehow looked like two different images put together,
 probably most apparent on a bright TFT screen (by Dominic Sacre).

- A warning is now being issued, asking whether one wants to remove

 a corresponding Patchbay connection, when client/ports are being
 disconnected over the Connections window, thus avoiding automatic
 reconnection annoyance due to normal active Patchbay behavior.

- The infamous "Keep child windows always on top" global option is

 now supposed to behave a little better when disabled, layering
 child windows as naturally as far the window manager dictates.

- Input/Output Channel setting is now allowed to be greater than 32;

 the special default text is now displayed, also on Input/Output
 Latency and Priority settings spin-boxes.

- Andreas Persson just sent a patch that makes it possible to compile

 and run qjackctl with Qt version 4.1. Applied without hesitation,

Hurry, the source tarball, as some other binary forms, might be found in the usual and official place:


Cheers && Enjoy -- rncbc aka Rui Nuno Capela